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Movember: why it works for UGC

November plays host to Movember, a campaign cooked up by a bunch of Aussies in 2003. The idea is to grow a moustache for a month to raise money for prostrate cancer charities.

Moustaches have enjoyed a trendster renaissance recently – the youtube sensation ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’ recommends aspiring East London hipsters should “get a moustache and a low-cut vest”.

A Movember moustache

A Movember moustache

But Movember has also provided a perfect opportunity for media outlets to fill their pages with UGC.

The ‘him’ channel on msn.co.uk has a deep zoom gallery that invites users to upload photos of their moustaches’ progress, or just moustaches in general.

BBC Cornwall have been a bit more rigorous in their approach, a slideshow of developing ‘taches that all seem to be genuinely for the Movember cause.

Upmarket barbers Murdock’s is officially partnered with the campaign – their blog gets customers involved and keeps them coming back.

Across the pond they’re doing it too – in The Edmonton Journal, msn.com’s Today homepageThe ProvinceBest Health magazineLeader-post, the Calgary Herald and Sony Ericsson’s APPtitude lab.

Why is it so good for UGC?

  • Because Movember is a free ride!  It’s a user-led campaign that get as many people involved as possible. Your website or magazine can jump on the back on it and fill pages with photos of moustaches, all the hard work of getting people to actually grow them already done for you.
  • As numbers of photos in the galleries build up, the campaign gathers mo’mentum (haha). And after all, charity is all about sharing.
  • You know your audience. It’s definitely a man thing. Although msn.co.uk’s user profile is 57% female, 43% male, their ‘him’ channel sits alongside ‘cars’, ‘games’ and ‘movies’ channels that pull in a dedicated male audience. You know exactly who you are targeting and if you are a male-focused platform, you can be confident you’ll get a response.
  • It has a responsive audience. It’s young and fun and fashionable, fitting in perfectly with a plugged-in, technology-savvy generation who are happy to share details about their lives online.
  • It’s funny. Nobody really takes moustaches seriously – they’re an ironic gesture that everybody can enjoy. Sharing a photo of yourself with a silly handlebar moustache online shows you are laid-back and approachable – who wouldn’t want to join in with that?
  • It’s relatively easy. The popularity of Movember stems largely from the fact that it raises money without demanding too much from its participants. Not shaving for a month is hardly the same as running a marathon. So users can join the campaign easily, and share it easily, by simply uploading a photo.

The creators of Movember must be very pleased that so many media organisations have decided to trumpet their story. And media organisations must feel rather happy that they’ve got a load of fun content that people want to share filling up their pages.