your2pence – UGC News Platform – Red Nose Day

On Friday 21st of March Brits donned their Red Noses and raised a record-breaking £74 million for charity. your2pence asked the Twitterati how they were being “funny for money”.

Eventually we got this reply from Shaun Lee Smith

@shaunleesmith is dressed in a morphsuit whilst doing a live-tweet session! (10p a tweet, at the rate of 40 tweets an hour)

The response on Twitter improved once we began refining and localising our request. When we hashtagged #Berkshire we received this photo of two school girls from Maidenhead.

@vik1toria send us this photo of Josephine and Jocelyn. They fundraised for Comic Relief by wearing their pyjamas and making/selling their own red noses at First Platt Primary in Maidenhead

But the real response came from Facebook. Once I had updated my status with our request I received numerous messages about everything from cake sales to sponsored beard-growing competitions in aid of Comic Relief. I was even sent photos:

Ollie Lee, Will Moore-Kelly, Bobby Archer, Matt Mills and Luke McNickle Zulu style invasion on a lesson at Reading Grammar School raised £10 for Comic Relief

Molly Seymour's choice of black cab today...

Why is it that our request for User Generated Content was more successful on Facebook than Twitter? Is it because the request came from myself, rather than a little-know (but utterly fantastic) news blog, and went out to a small network of friends and associations? The Twitterati couldn’t be more obliging with their Twitpics and Vimeo Vids when it comes to a shout-out from Jon Snow, The Guardian or even their own locally established news generator. Despite the openness and easy accessibility of the net, it seems as though people want to know and trust media outlets before they are willing to contribute to them.


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