Playing your own game

I’m the first to admit I’m not a gamer. I’ve got no co-ordination and I’m a terrible loser, which isn’t the best combination. But would I be more inclined to get involved if I could create the missions I went on?

Infamous 2, from Sucker Punch Games, is a ‘step forward’ in the gaming experience. According to their Development Director, Chris Zimmerman, Infamous 2 escapes the usual trap of the computer game – the fact that no matter how much programming the manufacturer does, eventually all the options are exhausted. However, with the addition of this new feature, gamers will be able to extend this even further, putting forward their own contributions for approval and potential inclusion in the game.

Image: Sucker Punch Productions

For those who are novices, like me, I shall do my best to seem knowledgeable. Infamous 2 is an open-world or ‘sandbox’ game – which means that, unlike basic or antiquated arcade games, there are no ‘invisible walls’ which curtail the avatar’s actions. So you can roam gaily through the game, using any of multiple ways to achieve your objective.

Sandbox gaming isn’t new – it’s been around for years. But this is a step further. The gamers are closer to being in charge.

The risk is that the world gets just too big – with an ever-expanding number of missions, if could be that gamers might never log out…

If you’re a gamer, then let us know what this will mean for your gaming habits! Is this a gimmick? Or is it the way forward?



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