YOU do the hard work so WE don’t have to

Public school boys turned Sony award winning dj-duo, Adam and Joe have gone a long way since using finger puppets to re-create ‘Shakespeare in Love’ on their 90’s late night TV show, to the cult following the two achieved on their XFM and BBC 6 Music radio shows in the last decade.

Connecting with the audience

Copyright BBC

Audience participation remains a key element of their radio shows (although they are currently on sabbatical but fingers-crossed will return soon).

At the Big British Castle for those in the know (BBC for those who aren’t) Song Wars spawned two mildly-successful (or critically acclaimed if you’re a fan) CDs.

Copyright Adam and Joe

The set up: a listener would choose a topic every week, Adam and Joe would go off and compose a tongue in cheek song, battle it out on air and the listeners would vote for the one they liked the best.

Themes included: festivals, birthdays, Bond’s Quantum of Solace, Australia, meatballs, robots, heroes, the footie song, the list goes on…

‘Text the Nation’ (text, text, text) another regular feature used listeners to tell their own anecdotes based on a question set by Adam and Joe. Themes have included ‘Childhood Misconceptions’, ‘Horror Film Ideas’, ‘nicknames’ etc and meant we the audience were able to interact with Adam and Joe as well as getting to thoroughly embarrass ourselves on air.

TTN was also instrumental in setting off the Stephen! call and response across the UK. Knowing what ‘Stephen’ was made you feel like you were a little club no one else understood. And no, I’m not going to tell you what its all about…STEPHEN… Just coming! Oh go on then, look at this…

How they uses their listeners

OK, so we’re not talking user generated content used by BBC news or our old friend the Guardian, but entertainment-wise Adam and Joe are incredibly clever, they have always used their listeners wisely.

Literally listeners, you do the hard work so they don’t have to. Adam and Joe may set the theme, questions and carry the show, but content wise it’s pretty much driven by the listeners. They understand how important audience interaction is for their show.

And they haven’t done too badly… one gold at the 2010 Sony Awards (the judges said they interact with the audience in a “refreshing and engaging way”), three silver Sony’s in 2009 (Comedy, Entertainment and Competition) and nominations for 2009’s BT Digital Music Awards.

Adam and Joe excel at making you feel just like you are sitting at the kitchen table having a chat and cup of tea  with your two friends who just won’t grow-up – just like radio should do.


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